Wednesday, 5 May 2010



Yep, you can say that I was waylaid on the way to this blog... I haven't been updating for months considering I have so many photos to post and experiences to share.

But I must confess that in order to survive my 'addiction' to blogging, I am substituting my addiction to Facebook. I find that FB is more interactive & suits a busy lifestyle, with mini-blogs [or if one wished, the notes provide a blog-like space & capability] and quick postings & response from one's readership [if there's any!]. The only thing is; because of the so many traffic old posts are buried into net black hole! It's like normal conversations that you don't worry about keeping tabs of what was said by who & when... unlike blogs' comments and emails.

I have reconnected with a captive audience [Heheheee...] as well as old friends and acquiantances. They post their pictures, I get to see them and vice-versa. The best thing is I can use my mobile [cell phone] phone to update & post what I am thinking or feeling at the time. But I still miss blogging. I am sure I will be back again [actually I've been running a couple of BloGazines for organisations I belong to - great way to have a free net presence!]!

Note about the image: No, it's not me that flagellating myself. On the way home from Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan; we saw this guy self-flagellating after the traditional cut-off time of 3 PM.

Another link for Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, click here.