Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I am a twit

At first I though Twitter is for twits, at least that's my initial reaction. Who would want to get updated on what people are doing every minute of the day? Are you people don't have any REAL life to live? Do you want to know if I am sitting my ass in the toilet? I guess not!

My daughter upgraded her Nokia E63 phone to the new fangled Blackberry - and she got hooked on Twitter like a druggo. I said; with three young kids, aren't you busy enough? I don't know exactly what is the charm of high end mobile phones and Twitter, I myself am "addicted" to my Canon DSLR camera [or so my wifey tells me].

Now I know what Twitter is good for: KogiBBQ. If you haven't heard of this site and service in the US, this is what they do - they travel around LA with two Taco trucks serving this fusion Korean BBQ and Tacos [what else?] and more. If you're one those late night people and you're hungry and craving for Korean Taco BBQ you've got to follow them on Twitter. They'll tell you on which particular location and time they will be.

Isn't that great? The genius who though of this will be the next Bill Gates [maybe, but not quite]. This the beauty of this business, low overhead [no rent to pay for retail shops] and a rabid follower of Twits.

Now that is a Twitter I'll follow anytime. Would love to see them here in Sydney - maybe Harry's Cafe de Wheels on Twitter running around Sydney suburbs selling their famous pies. Or better still "Pub on Wheels", now that's my idea. If only I can convince the liquor licence guys to give me the necessary papers!
After writing this post I saw this article. Like the author, I loathe so-called "reality" TV. They are more like fake and manufactured TV for those who don't have a real life. Sorry...
Twit: British and Australian slang for an insignificant, foolish or annoying person.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Poop scoop

Aiyee's [5 years old] rendition of Jake Long.

"Nowadays, anything can be art. You could scoop the poop of your next-door neighbour’s mutt and watch the art geeks go “ahh”, but when you look at this Fil-Aussie’s canvas creations , you’re experiencing art at it’s most raw-and most-sincere form. Forget theory; forget composition; forget deconstruction and all the other terms the learned brandy about in the hopes of catching the afterglow of true creation. Millie’s searing strokes, spilt paint, graffiti inspired figures, and emotional scribbles are it."

I love this quote I came across via Wanjam's multiply site, and led me to Millie's multiply. You can't argue with this statement. For most of us, artist wanna be; there is one criteria to take to heart - if it looks good, it must be art. Even a five-year old drawing.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday 2009

When I first moved in this country [Australia] I have not heard of Easter Monday, for most Filipinos Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of the Lent period or what is the shorter period we call "Holy Week". In Australia, Easter Monday is a continuation - a rest day after the always busy day of Easter Sunday; of the long weekend wherein families drive back from their holiday vacations.

In other cultures and in other countries, Mondays after Easter Sunday are known as Dyngus Day or Wet Monday, Bright or Renewal Monday; and in Egypt, Sham El Assim [literally to mean "smelling of the air"] which is celebrated on the Coptic Easter Monday which dates back to Pharonic times [about 2700 BC].

As in Egypt, most Australians celebrate "Easter Monday" more as a secular holiday culminating the four day weekend. Most Aussies goes into a long weekend vacation, camping, fishing, watching sporting matches, etc.

Invariably, appearance of hot cross buns and egg shaped chocolates wrapped in colourful wrappers, [such as the ones pictured above]; as well as chocolate bunnies in supermarkets herald the Australian Easter period. Most of these symbolisms are pagan in nature and pre-dates Christian era. Most are interwoven into Christian celebration such as Easter; and in Australia, it looks like they came in full circle.

Friday, 3 April 2009

"Charlie Loves Rea"

One early morning, while on holidays in Hawaii late last year; my daughter, Rea went for a walk in the beach with hubby, Charlie and wrote something in the sand...