Thursday, 30 October 2008

A year ago today

A year ago today I started blogging, this particular blog. I was hooked by the prospect of presenting my "wanna be" photographs with parcels and tidbits of my life. A year has gone too fast, too fast for my liking. But I have something to show for it, this blog and the other blogs I addictively called my "passions".

Above photo is a sculpture by Australian Brett Whiteley entitled: "Almost Once 1968/1991". this particular one is installed just outside of the Gallery of New South Wales. Made of black butt timber and fibreglass, to me it exemplifies our lives and shared experiences.

We are but a product of this recycled world. Every carbon and atom that makes us today are parts of other living beings who existed before us. Even the air we breathe are the same particles that our ancestor and other animals breathed. We are a product of a our past...

Monday, 27 October 2008

At Night at the Noodle Markets

As the night wore on, the whole park got so crowded it was difficult to find a table, much less a space to walk on. People standing shoulder to shoulder, and I thought there was a recession!

Above, the dancers came on. Just a bit funny that Asian looking women dancing what looks like a Spanish fusion dance (not the above photo) in a particular number. Must be the same look when Pinays dance a latin or Spanish dance in full costume. The dances were not typical Thai, Chinese or even Turkish dances, they seem to be modern fusion dances, including the music.

The dragon dancers came on and visited the ladies as well.

And the place looks so marvellous with the multi shaped and multi coloured lighted lanterns and trees!

Shown above, Jess and wife, Issa; wondering how to demolish the yummy looking Fraise Melba, while Francis is practising his French with the French speaking young ladies' who are waiting our tables.

We ended having a late dessert with humongous ice creams (per couple) which the menu indicated "single" in Sydney icon French Riviera down the Spanish quarter. Good thing we haven't done our night shoot otherwise we din't know how to burn all these calories!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sydney Night Noodle Markets: 24 Oct

As promised here are some images of the trip to the Noodle Markets. Came in early at around 5:00 pm and managed to get a few day shots, just to show you the atmosphere of the festival.

Being on a Friday, I knew it would be busy as most people will be unwinding for the weekend.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Good Food Month: Night Noodle Markets

Photo by Rea.

My friend Nanette broached the idea of going to this year's Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park North and after dinner have a night photo shoot for those inclined.

Well, I just got the confirmation that it is on this Friday. The Night Noodle Markets is part of the Good Food Month festivities. As a foodie and photographer wannabe, this is an excellent time to unwind for TGIF!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

"Meet your family and friends at the Night Noodle Markets and enjoy fantastic live entertainment including Bollywood and Thai dancers, Chinese Lions, Asian Music, Monkey Magic and the Shoot the Chef! photography exhibition on the big screen.

Enjoy a variety of Asian-inspired food from Turkish to Japanese and plenty of in-between, all in the wonderful ambience of Hyde Park North."

Monday, October 20 - Friday, October 24
5 - 9:30 pm, Hyde Park North, free entry

Treasure find: Hyde Park

While walking at Hyde Park, I found this "acorn" looking object. I tried searching for the proper name for this plant material to no avail. Love the texture, colour and shape... a treasure now adorning my dinner table.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

King Street Heritage Buildings

All these buildings are located on King Street, Sydney (corner of Pitt and Castlereagh Streets). See what happens when you Google map search and then click street view.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Insanity: Hyundai EWN

"Eye art graffitti" Photo* taken at Humphries Lane, Blacktown NSW.

On the way to work while driving, ahead of me was this Hyundai car with the message on its rear screen:

"Do not suffer from insanity – enjoy every minute of it!"

I think I do - driving like a maniac, this insane life of mine...

*If you are not from Blacktown, try Google Maps Australia, type in "Humphries Lane, Blacktown NSW" and click on street view and see more of the art graffittis on this lane.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Study of Vivid Green: IXUS 860is

Focal Length: 4.6mm, F-Number: F/2.8, Exposure Time: 1/60sec

Redux - Apollo: A Reading in Greek Mythology

I reposted the above picture in black and white showing Apollo lording over a centaur.

"In art Apollo is at most times depicted as a handsome young man, clean shaven and carrying either a lyre, or his bow and arrows. There are many sculptures of Apollo and one of the most famous is the central figure from the west pediment of the Temple of Zeus, at Olympia, showing Apollo declaring victory in favor of the Lapiths in their struggle against the Centaurs."

"The son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was the god of music (principally the lyre, and he directed the choir of the Muses) and also of prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery (but not for war or hunting), poetry, dance, intellectual inquiry and the carer of herds and flocks. He was also a god of light, known as "Phoebus" (radiant or beaming, and he was sometimes identified with Helios the sun god).
He was also the god of plague and was worshiped as Smintheus (from sminthos, rat) and as Parnopius (from parnops, grasshopper) and was known as the destroyer of rats and locust, and according to Homer's Iliad, Apollo shot arrows of plague into the Greek camp. Apollo being the god of religious healing would give those guilty of murder and other immoral deeds a ritual purification. Sacred to Apollo are the swan (one legend says that Apollo flew on the back of a swan to the land of the Hyperboreans, he would spend the winter months among them), the wolf and the dolphin. His attributes are the bow and arrows, on his head a laurel crown, and the cithara (or lyre) and plectrum. But his most famous attribute is the tripod, the symbol of his prophetic powers."

"Apollo, as with Zeus his father, had many love affairs with goddesses and mortals. Apollo's infatuation for the nymph Daphne, which had been invoked by the young god of love Eros, because Apollo had mocked him, saying his archery skills were pathetic, and Apollo's singing had also irritated him. Daphne was the beautiful daughter of the river god Ladon, and she was constantly pursued by Apollo. To escape from Apollo's insistent behavior, she fled to the mountains, but the persistent Apollo followed her. Annoyed by this, she asked the river god Peneus for help, which he did. As soon as Apollo approached Daphne, he tried to embrace her, but when he stretched out his arms she transformed into a laurel tree. Apollo, distraught by what had happened, made the laurel his sacred tree. Apollo also loved Cyrene, she was another nymph, and she bore Apollo a son: Aristaeus, a demi-god, who became a protector of cattle and fruit trees, and a deity of hunting, husbandry and bee-keeping. He taught men dairy skills and the use of nets and traps in hunting."

Re-reading this article in gave me a better perspective regarding the symbolisms and the creatures in this Apollo fountain sculptures at Sydney's Hyde Park. Also I've rediscovered certain things about Apollo and other myriad Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Archibald Fountain - Hyde Park North

Photo shows part of the Archibald Fountain located north of Sydney's (CBD) Hyde Park. In the background is another Sydney icon: St Mary's Cathedral (Catholic Church).

The fountain is a legacy of Sydney flamboyant Bulletin newspaper founder J F Archibald. This art deco fountain was erected in 1932. He was so fascinated by all things Parisian that he not only changed his name from John Feltham to Jules Francois (hence the J. F. initials), but also wore a little French style beard. It was therefore fitting that a French sculptor, Francois Sicard,was chosen to depict the close association between Australia and France in World War 1.

The fountain "depicts a bronze Apollo surrounded by other mythical figures. Horses’ heads, dolphins and tortoises exuberantly spray jets of water."

Here is another view of the fountain with a Scottish bagpipe busker.

Project X - 3

This is Ross Honeysett's winning entry in the Sydney Artandabout photo competition. I was going to vote for it in the competition's People's Choice Award because I love it so much but decided to change (he already won the comp top prize anyway!) and voted for Charlie Coles' entry "5:30am, Ready" instead.

This year's theme highlights Sydney Life.

Going back to Ross' entry, entitled "Project X -3", it is "An impresssion of the human condition and our urban environment." It shows a Joey Lawrencesque portrait of a man walking in the pedestrian lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge looking like he is escaping from something. The scene reminds me also of the Keanu Reeves trilogy film "The Matrix" shot in Sydney. Very futuristic, and a very cold life that shows the lonely life; at times, of urban denizens.

While Charlie Cole's portrait of mostly Asians market producers in an early morning shot at, I believe, in Flemington Markets; shows the work ethic of migrants. The blurb says: "The produce takes centre stage, yet the market bustle and darkness of early morn evokes its timeless heritage and activity." It has also the same colour tinge and emphasis on the green produce against the black and white surroundings of the produce market.

Artandabout Hyde Park venue.

I must admit there were a lot of excellent photographs in the exhibited entries, as the curator of Sydney Life admits:

"There were many passionate arguments from
the four judges during the judging.
The result is a fascinating collection of
different moods, observations and styles.
There is humour, comment, portraiture, darkness and domesticity.

Sydney Life is proud of its record of showing
a mix of emerging and established artists.

-Sandy Edwards

Monday, 13 October 2008

Art & About in the City

Woke early Saturday morning (of course!) to travel to the city with the wife to pick up my new glasses. Before this I borrowed my daughter's new point and shoot camera, a newish Canon IXUS 860 with full of wonders: you can actually do colour swap and colour enhance (and other things I don't know yet) on the fly without Photoshop or a computer - great!

Anyway my original purpose is to pick up the glasses and shoot some pictures while in the city for the day. As we were strolling Hyde Park, lo and behold: a photo show right there - Artandabout, click here to go to their website (which I know I shouldn't be doing cuz you would just click and forget about me... but go ahead.)

When you do come back have a look at my test shots and the show venue... see you back!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

58 days to go - project551

This is the downloadable mosaic from project551.

We, and my photos, made it in the project551 and flickr websites. This is one of most creative and nicest way to help save the whales.

Please see their website here and see how you can join and support project551 in saving the whales.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Meadowbank Railway Bridge

Strolled down the street and saw rowers practising along the Parramatta river.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

One Friday at the stop light on the way home.

Friday 19 Sept 2008: focal length: 5.8 mm, f/4.8, 3/10000 sec