Tuesday, 29 January 2008

City in the Summer: Sydney

The Aussie flag at Darling Harbour with the Centre Point Tower in the background.

Well, this summer is not that bad. It is actually very good weather-wise. There are not a lot of really hot days, and therefore less bush fires around Sydney. Rained a bit as well and that is good for this drought stricken country.

Darling Harbour boat marina with the city skyline as background.

Another view of the Sydney City skyline from Darling Harbour, named after Sir Ralph Darling in 1826, the ninth governor of New South Wales.

Pre 1788, before the British colonization, the Cadigal people who are the original inhabitants of Sydney Cove called Darling Harbour "Tumbalong", which meant "a place where seafood is found".

In 1788, the white settlers call the harbour Long Cove, but the name of Cockle Bay was used by the locals in everyday use. The name is from the cockles, a type of shell fish found in and around the bay.

In 1811, this area which comprises part of Pyrmont is a very popular picnic area. The first wharf is built in Cockle Bay and became Australia's busiest seaport. It is used to ferry fresh produce from Parramatta and the north coast. The fish markets is still located in the area.

Sculpture by the Sea, Part 3

I promise this is the last of this series.

Unretouched, no filter used. Just old fashion photography and luck. Horizon is a bit off though.

More weathered stone art works. Above photo, I've cropped this one a bit.

Another rock formation that caught my attention.

Moss covered rock formations.

And, of course, no art exhibition is complete without any Australiana: The Kangaroo.

I'm Back....

Heheheeee.... after a long hiatus. I am back. I think I got lost on the way to where I am going.

I didn't actually stopped blogging, just blogging other subjects. Now I know why Senor Enrique is so successfull: he focuses on one blog and he is really good in the first place!

While I try to "compartamentalize" my blog sites... so many things around me I "forgot" to post on this one. While I have tons of materials and pictures, I'll start with what I've promised since last year.

My apologies to all. I promise to make up, that is if you're still out there reading this blog.

About the series of photos, not that spectacular (I mean the photos I took, not the art work) but I like the way these "Graffiti Artists" managed to blend in the Bondi Beach culture with graffiti style art. There are several genres, but I concentrated on these street style graffitis, with what looks like the artists' tags. They look more like art than graffitis.