Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Biennale of Sydney 2008

Click here.

Biennale venues, here.

You don't have to be in Sydney to experience BOS 2008, click here to be transported to revolutionsonline, an online experimental space venue created for the first time;

"... that encourages discovery through artists’ projects, videos, texts, YouTube, songs, live streaming performances and links to existing art online. Included in the venue are projects based on the exhibition theme Revolutions – Forms That Turn.

The Online Venue is designed to reveal works in a non-linear way. Artist works are presented together by themes. Each visit to the venue presents a new constellation of works that may include film, audio, images, interactive works, live streaming performances, texts and links to existing websites. Works will be continuously uploaded to the venue, creating an ever-changing space."

The other good thing is, it is for free* and open all hours!

*Aside from the fact that you need to spend online hours on the net. You can also download above Biennale desktop on the main website as a freebie.

The Tunnel People

"The human body has been thoroughly mapped,
and even the last shelter of mystery, the brain,
is being explored and displayed in sophisticated cartographies.
In a space conquered by anatomical and geographical certainty,
there is no room left for the souls.
Souls have gone underground, one floor under reality."

Dora Garcia -

Photo shows "Sydney's First Migrants" taken on the 3rd floor of the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. Also see Biennale of Sydney 2008 and Dora Garcia's site here. Dora Garcia is one of the many artists exhibiting and participating in the Biennale of Sydney 2008.

Apple Heaven

Three whole floors of Apple heaven... that is for Apple Mac and iPod enthusiasts.

This new Apple store just opened just last week, June 19; in what used to be my "first" bank (the first I trusted with my money and never again!). This is the old site of Westpac on the corner of King and George Streets in the Sydney CBD.

While not an Apple fan myself (am an Intel/AMD and the dreaded Bill "MS" aficionado, where anything can be had for "free"... hehehehe.), I went in and had a look.

The new ultra light MacBook Air and iPod Touch/Shuffle are really nice, both look and feel. Very elegant and simple in silver finish. Just a bit of getting used to for an Apple idiot like myself. While there were a lot of staff eager to help even on a "one to one" basis(Apple's "Personal training at the Apple Store." for a fee!).

Some of the sales staff, who are young and hip (obviously targeting the young and hip customers as well) comes with a wireless point of sale (POS) terminal. One can pick up an item for sale and on the spot pay for it either via credit card or by EFTPos, no queing at a counter!

According to the Apple blurb, this is the 215th Apple Retail Store worldwide and the first in Australia. This store is also the second biggest in the world, second only to London's Regent Street store.

I know a couple of people who would love to shop and "die" in this store.

(Moderator's Note: This post is not a paid advert by Apple, but I would love to have a free MacBook Air or even one of those all black iPod touch/shuffle.)

Is it a Sign? Shooting blind.

This is not a new art form nor a Rorschach inkblot test.

This is the live view screen of my trusted Olympus digican FE-220. Someone (I don't know who!) damaged the screen and the result is the "art" image above.

Thus I am shooting "blind" (most of these compact digicam, does not have any viewfinder as well :(... ), most of the time. Another thing is I could not set the damn camera to macro, I need a new digicam. At the moment I am looking and comparing the Canon 450 twin lens kit and a similar spec Nikon.

Maybe this is a sign for me to get a real and proper digital SLR. Maybe...

Any suggestions for a digital SLR?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Looking Up

It was raining and just taking a breather after a nice Sunday lunch with friends at the Grace Hotel's Philippine Food Festival. The buffet was nice but not spectacular. I guess my taste buds were used to the "home cook" meals rather than the 'internationalised" version and fine-dining presentation of the menu. Only peeve, as my friend pointed out was sample menu was nowhere near the menu on that day.

I digress. So my wife and I are taking a breather after the lunch and shopping for something and nothing in particular. Looking up inside the food court, saw this wonderful glass roof. Yes, it is still raining and a walk at the Botanical Gardens was not meant to be!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Arthur McIntyre: "As Unpredictable As Life Itself"

I didn't even know that Arthur McIntyre (both the Australian artist and the English cricketer) existed, until I received an e-invite to his art exhibit entitled: "A Very Uneasy Balance" at the See Street Gallery, from 12 to 26 June 2008. This show is curated by 3rd year fine arts students at Sydney Gallery School.

The late artist Arthur McIntyre's (1954-2003) show of selected works features mixed media collage, drawings and paintings.

In a Sydney Morning Herald 5 December 2003 obituary, Peter Phillips said:

" A contemporary artist, he challenged conventions in both work and life. His art came to public attention during the 1970s with his confronting Survival and Decay series, which were mainly mixed-media collaged paintings and drawings, inspired by decay, death and ugliness - McIntyre used confronting images that melded into an overall beauty."

His legacy as an artist, curator, teacher, art critic and writer is "as unpredictable as life itself"; his own description of his art. While others, according to the same SMH article, finds his art as "cathartic, even healing."

Grok this...

Life seems to be... one have a particular purpose. Part of you might get consumed and another part returned to Mother Earth.

Every one and everything... even the inanimate have a purpose.. one just have to find IT!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Instruction Show: See Street Gallery

I've managed to catch this show during my brief lunch today. Just me and another lady, that's it.

Obviously the work exhibited are not that polished. The group exhibition is by the second year fine arts students.

But there are some really good ones, gems: like Tony Rac's "Double Life", a digital print.

Most of the exhibits draws you to "paticipate" and touch and do some other stuff on the art works.

According to the show's pamphlet, the show "is a response to the notion of instructions and the part they play in our daily lives."

There is even a "collage" of Fidel Castro made of clothes washing instructions!

There is Pam Frew's timber chair and nails construction/sculpture entitled "Please take a seat". But I wouldn't dare sit on a chair with nails. That is one instruction and invitation I won't be heeding.

"The show exhibits conceptually-based works that investigate, interpret and sometimes parody the idea of instructions and signage as we are aware of them within our various encounters. The work ranges from whimsy and political commentary to aesthetic deconstruction of the formal."

The show officially opened last Thursday, 29 May; but opened last Tuesday, 27 May till today.

I am glad I did went and see the exhibits by these budding artists.

Some of the other notable ones; to my personal liking and tastes, and I am not an art critic nor a connoisseur are:

Kathy Payne's painting (mixed media) "All we are saying is give peas a chance".

Miriam Cullen's mixed media "Protective masks must be worn on this site", which encourages you to take one of her masks in front of a mirror provided.

Jessica Nolan's "Age Kit", made of a kit half for making us older and the other half for making us younger.

Overall it wasn't a wasted lunch break.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Winter Vegies

Just a note to celebrate the first day of winter, at least in the southern hemisphere.

Winter reminds me of snow and hearty soups and roasted dishes. Simple things that are special during winters.

A time to stay indoors in front of the fireplace and just watch the embers burning.

Of trip to the snowfields and trying to ski.

Of just snuggling in bed with a favorite blanket.