Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Arthur McIntyre: "As Unpredictable As Life Itself"

I didn't even know that Arthur McIntyre (both the Australian artist and the English cricketer) existed, until I received an e-invite to his art exhibit entitled: "A Very Uneasy Balance" at the See Street Gallery, from 12 to 26 June 2008. This show is curated by 3rd year fine arts students at Sydney Gallery School.

The late artist Arthur McIntyre's (1954-2003) show of selected works features mixed media collage, drawings and paintings.

In a Sydney Morning Herald 5 December 2003 obituary, Peter Phillips said:

" A contemporary artist, he challenged conventions in both work and life. His art came to public attention during the 1970s with his confronting Survival and Decay series, which were mainly mixed-media collaged paintings and drawings, inspired by decay, death and ugliness - McIntyre used confronting images that melded into an overall beauty."

His legacy as an artist, curator, teacher, art critic and writer is "as unpredictable as life itself"; his own description of his art. While others, according to the same SMH article, finds his art as "cathartic, even healing."

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