Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Iconic Santorini

Been privileged enough to travel, see & experience this wonderful & extra ordinary place - a place created by volcanic explosions & now a peaceful caldera. No wonder; that according to local sources - and you can see the evidences; that most affluent inhabitants would have a family chapel of their own! I guess it is best to be closer to God - commune with Him at close range all day long and not be bothered with trekking the mountainous terrain. And this is what these blue-domed and white washed buildings are - some of the iconic images of Santorini. [Others are the view of the cliff houses overlooking the caldera; the sunset at Oia, one of numerous districts in Santorini]. But more than that, the small village atmosphere of the place, untouched & unaffected by the thousands & millions of tourists. The people are friendly and welcoming and the local produce are second to none [our favourite are the Santorini tomatoes - small but sweet & very tasty; and the wines! Must be the volcanic soil around these parts].

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ones @ Barcelona

A sculpture by Andreu Alfaro seen on the way to travels in Spain...

"The path of Andreu Alfaro since his initial beginning to the middle of the 1940's until today is of an engaged artist with his space and materials, but even more so with the concept of time. He approaches art by creating tributes to exempt personalities of past culture, signifying the interpretation of the present without renouncing the past, as well as to historical memory and tradition."