Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Iconic Santorini

Been privileged enough to travel, see & experience this wonderful & extra ordinary place - a place created by volcanic explosions & now a peaceful caldera. No wonder; that according to local sources - and you can see the evidences; that most affluent inhabitants would have a family chapel of their own! I guess it is best to be closer to God - commune with Him at close range all day long and not be bothered with trekking the mountainous terrain. And this is what these blue-domed and white washed buildings are - some of the iconic images of Santorini. [Others are the view of the cliff houses overlooking the caldera; the sunset at Oia, one of numerous districts in Santorini]. But more than that, the small village atmosphere of the place, untouched & unaffected by the thousands & millions of tourists. The people are friendly and welcoming and the local produce are second to none [our favourite are the Santorini tomatoes - small but sweet & very tasty; and the wines! Must be the volcanic soil around these parts].

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