Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Apple Heaven

Three whole floors of Apple heaven... that is for Apple Mac and iPod enthusiasts.

This new Apple store just opened just last week, June 19; in what used to be my "first" bank (the first I trusted with my money and never again!). This is the old site of Westpac on the corner of King and George Streets in the Sydney CBD.

While not an Apple fan myself (am an Intel/AMD and the dreaded Bill "MS" aficionado, where anything can be had for "free"... hehehehe.), I went in and had a look.

The new ultra light MacBook Air and iPod Touch/Shuffle are really nice, both look and feel. Very elegant and simple in silver finish. Just a bit of getting used to for an Apple idiot like myself. While there were a lot of staff eager to help even on a "one to one" basis(Apple's "Personal training at the Apple Store." for a fee!).

Some of the sales staff, who are young and hip (obviously targeting the young and hip customers as well) comes with a wireless point of sale (POS) terminal. One can pick up an item for sale and on the spot pay for it either via credit card or by EFTPos, no queing at a counter!

According to the Apple blurb, this is the 215th Apple Retail Store worldwide and the first in Australia. This store is also the second biggest in the world, second only to London's Regent Street store.

I know a couple of people who would love to shop and "die" in this store.

(Moderator's Note: This post is not a paid advert by Apple, but I would love to have a free MacBook Air or even one of those all black iPod touch/shuffle.)

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