Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Instruction Show: See Street Gallery

I've managed to catch this show during my brief lunch today. Just me and another lady, that's it.

Obviously the work exhibited are not that polished. The group exhibition is by the second year fine arts students.

But there are some really good ones, gems: like Tony Rac's "Double Life", a digital print.

Most of the exhibits draws you to "paticipate" and touch and do some other stuff on the art works.

According to the show's pamphlet, the show "is a response to the notion of instructions and the part they play in our daily lives."

There is even a "collage" of Fidel Castro made of clothes washing instructions!

There is Pam Frew's timber chair and nails construction/sculpture entitled "Please take a seat". But I wouldn't dare sit on a chair with nails. That is one instruction and invitation I won't be heeding.

"The show exhibits conceptually-based works that investigate, interpret and sometimes parody the idea of instructions and signage as we are aware of them within our various encounters. The work ranges from whimsy and political commentary to aesthetic deconstruction of the formal."

The show officially opened last Thursday, 29 May; but opened last Tuesday, 27 May till today.

I am glad I did went and see the exhibits by these budding artists.

Some of the other notable ones; to my personal liking and tastes, and I am not an art critic nor a connoisseur are:

Kathy Payne's painting (mixed media) "All we are saying is give peas a chance".

Miriam Cullen's mixed media "Protective masks must be worn on this site", which encourages you to take one of her masks in front of a mirror provided.

Jessica Nolan's "Age Kit", made of a kit half for making us older and the other half for making us younger.

Overall it wasn't a wasted lunch break.

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