Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I'm Back....

Heheheeee.... after a long hiatus. I am back. I think I got lost on the way to where I am going.

I didn't actually stopped blogging, just blogging other subjects. Now I know why Senor Enrique is so successfull: he focuses on one blog and he is really good in the first place!

While I try to "compartamentalize" my blog sites... so many things around me I "forgot" to post on this one. While I have tons of materials and pictures, I'll start with what I've promised since last year.

My apologies to all. I promise to make up, that is if you're still out there reading this blog.

About the series of photos, not that spectacular (I mean the photos I took, not the art work) but I like the way these "Graffiti Artists" managed to blend in the Bondi Beach culture with graffiti style art. There are several genres, but I concentrated on these street style graffitis, with what looks like the artists' tags. They look more like art than graffitis.

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