Monday, 13 October 2008

Art & About in the City

Woke early Saturday morning (of course!) to travel to the city with the wife to pick up my new glasses. Before this I borrowed my daughter's new point and shoot camera, a newish Canon IXUS 860 with full of wonders: you can actually do colour swap and colour enhance (and other things I don't know yet) on the fly without Photoshop or a computer - great!

Anyway my original purpose is to pick up the glasses and shoot some pictures while in the city for the day. As we were strolling Hyde Park, lo and behold: a photo show right there - Artandabout, click here to go to their website (which I know I shouldn't be doing cuz you would just click and forget about me... but go ahead.)

When you do come back have a look at my test shots and the show venue... see you back!


the donG said...

looking forward to those photos. i just bloghopped and found your blog.

JayAshKal said...

Thanks for "blogdropping" dong. I remember your tag from Eric's blog: Wish You Were Here.

I am uploading soem of the pictures right now...

Thanks again for the visit and for leaving a comment.