Monday, 27 October 2008

At Night at the Noodle Markets

As the night wore on, the whole park got so crowded it was difficult to find a table, much less a space to walk on. People standing shoulder to shoulder, and I thought there was a recession!

Above, the dancers came on. Just a bit funny that Asian looking women dancing what looks like a Spanish fusion dance (not the above photo) in a particular number. Must be the same look when Pinays dance a latin or Spanish dance in full costume. The dances were not typical Thai, Chinese or even Turkish dances, they seem to be modern fusion dances, including the music.

The dragon dancers came on and visited the ladies as well.

And the place looks so marvellous with the multi shaped and multi coloured lighted lanterns and trees!

Shown above, Jess and wife, Issa; wondering how to demolish the yummy looking Fraise Melba, while Francis is practising his French with the French speaking young ladies' who are waiting our tables.

We ended having a late dessert with humongous ice creams (per couple) which the menu indicated "single" in Sydney icon French Riviera down the Spanish quarter. Good thing we haven't done our night shoot otherwise we din't know how to burn all these calories!


the donG said...

wow! so it's an overnight party! i can imagine the fun. jess looks funny.

JayAshKal said...

It was actually just till 9:30 pm but as it is a Friday, there are many things to do.

Jess actually was acting and making faces for the photo, imagine full with noodles and suddenly presented with that huge ice cream.

Must have been a liter of ice cream good at least for four or six people! We even tried to buy the nice glass container to take away...

Photo Cache said...

looks like so much fun can be had that night. thanks for dropping by and commenting on my post.

JayAshKal said...

It's ok photo cache, been wanting to visit and comment... so many blogs to see and visit.

It was definitely a wonderful night with friends and food. Only the karaoke is missing!

Thanks also for dropping by...