Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Archibald Fountain - Hyde Park North

Photo shows part of the Archibald Fountain located north of Sydney's (CBD) Hyde Park. In the background is another Sydney icon: St Mary's Cathedral (Catholic Church).

The fountain is a legacy of Sydney flamboyant Bulletin newspaper founder J F Archibald. This art deco fountain was erected in 1932. He was so fascinated by all things Parisian that he not only changed his name from John Feltham to Jules Francois (hence the J. F. initials), but also wore a little French style beard. It was therefore fitting that a French sculptor, Francois Sicard,was chosen to depict the close association between Australia and France in World War 1.

The fountain "depicts a bronze Apollo surrounded by other mythical figures. Horses’ heads, dolphins and tortoises exuberantly spray jets of water."

Here is another view of the fountain with a Scottish bagpipe busker.


Sidney said...

Impressive statue...an epic battle!

JayAshKal said...

The photo does not really capture the sculpture's myriad features. I took it midday, should have taken it either in late afternoon or early morning. Unfortunately don't have that luxury. Will re-shoot.

I was googling that specific scene which I think is Apollo battling with a half man - half beast. Must be in some mythology site somewhere.

Thanks for dropping by again.