Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Project X - 3

This is Ross Honeysett's winning entry in the Sydney Artandabout photo competition. I was going to vote for it in the competition's People's Choice Award because I love it so much but decided to change (he already won the comp top prize anyway!) and voted for Charlie Coles' entry "5:30am, Ready" instead.

This year's theme highlights Sydney Life.

Going back to Ross' entry, entitled "Project X -3", it is "An impresssion of the human condition and our urban environment." It shows a Joey Lawrencesque portrait of a man walking in the pedestrian lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge looking like he is escaping from something. The scene reminds me also of the Keanu Reeves trilogy film "The Matrix" shot in Sydney. Very futuristic, and a very cold life that shows the lonely life; at times, of urban denizens.

While Charlie Cole's portrait of mostly Asians market producers in an early morning shot at, I believe, in Flemington Markets; shows the work ethic of migrants. The blurb says: "The produce takes centre stage, yet the market bustle and darkness of early morn evokes its timeless heritage and activity." It has also the same colour tinge and emphasis on the green produce against the black and white surroundings of the produce market.

Artandabout Hyde Park venue.

I must admit there were a lot of excellent photographs in the exhibited entries, as the curator of Sydney Life admits:

"There were many passionate arguments from
the four judges during the judging.
The result is a fascinating collection of
different moods, observations and styles.
There is humour, comment, portraiture, darkness and domesticity.

Sydney Life is proud of its record of showing
a mix of emerging and established artists.

-Sandy Edwards

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