Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Young Joey Lawrence - Photographer/PhotoShop Creator

Above photo by Joey Lawrence (Copyrighted)

Below is an excerpt from an interview with young photographer Joey Lawrence (not the actor) ( He is one of the young photographers who uses digital camera in conjunction with Photoshop. Not your traditional Ansel Adams nor your Henri Cartier-Bresson.

"Strobist: All over the world, digital cameras and cheap computers are opening up the process to millions of young, hyper-creative photogs. If you could talk to a roomful of a thousand 14-year-old shooters who want to reach a high level of shooting, what would you tell them?
JoeyL: I get e-mails from a lot of people even younger than me and it's always nice to see that because I used to do the same thing to cool photographers I found. My best advice would be to use the internet as a tool and post as much stuff as possible for feedback. But don't become discouraged -- try to develop something fresh and new. I have tons of really really old horrible pictures that are still around the internet but it's important to start somewhere, it doesn't bother me." (Click main title to read complete article.)
Young photographers today, as well as photographers who managed to made the transition to digital cameras, uses Photoshop or other software instead of the darkroom to enhance or manipulate their pictures. It is a totally different ball game altogether. It's up to the artist to choose which tool to use for his art.
Yet for some, like Australian photographer Rob Gardiner; ( uses expired Polaroid SX-70 film and pin hole cameras as medium and tool!

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