Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Manuel "Manny" Librodo Jr - Featured Photographer

Above is one of Manny's photographs splashed on his pbase site under the collection "That Bali Feeling". Nothing beats that Bali inspires, but surely Manny has the talent and the skills to create such exquisite images.

I came across his works just now when I was trawling Jojie Alcantara's blog (http://www.witerary.com/). To say the least, I was very impressed with Manny's pictures. Hopefully I'll learn something from his works.

To view more and learn who Manny Librodo, please click on the title for his link at pbase. Truly his pictures are heavenly (Above was titled "Heaven 3").

(Eficient won the Melbourne Cup, an underdog!).

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