Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Addicts, Platform 5 Strathfield Station

On the way to work one morning, while I was waiting for my connecting train at Stratfield station,(www.cityrail.nsw.gov.au/) I saw these array of caffeine containers. So I whipped out my Olympus digi cam and took two shots before these "rubbish" are seized by the cleaners. Yep, too much time on my hands that day, not running late... which is my usual day. Even managed to make coffee at home on my old 15-bar Krups espresso machine!

I did not even re-arranged the "addicts"; just found a suitable angle and light to get the optimum shot (which is mid-body). The other shot was with a fill in flash, had a quick look on the lcd panel and decided to turn off the auto flash to get the right lighting.
Again, the original is a high quality, 1.2 MB image, no cropping necessary and un-retouched.
Since taking my newish digital camera with me wherever I go (not in the loo!), I find that I(http://www.olympus.com.au/component/option,com_product/id,113/task,detail/Itemid,69/
enjoy the mundane in-between destinations. I am always on the look out for things to photograph. I pay attention more to people and things around me... hence I forego my usual reading materials for now.

Newish camera in the sense that I got this for a waranty replacement to the one I bought a few years back, another Olympus but a 5 megapixel model, the FE-5500. Which to my good sense and luck bought a two year warranty for A$50.00.
When I was younger; about 12 or thirteen, my dad gave me his Pentax viewfinder camera. I love that camera, which model I no longer remember. I remember when I took it apart because the shutter won't close. Never managed to put it back together. It is one of those film cameras with auto exposure settings. That and my Elgin watch (http://elginwatches.org/) that he gave me are the ones I treasured the most, my first gadgets. Unfortunately I don't have both of them.

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