Monday, 4 February 2008

Earth From Above: Photo Exhibit by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

At the outset, my apologies for the very poor (substandard) photo above. It does not do justice to the very excellent photos of Yann.

I went to this exhibition, as always managed to catch it before it closes. I am glad I did find the time to drive to the city and see the exhibit. My only regret was that the kiosk was closed, so I did not managed to buy or support Yann's cause.

The exhibition was an outdoor type as shown above. I am glad I did come late in the afternoon and early evening, for I believe this is the best time to see the exhibits. It's cooler too, being summer and all!

One of the pictures on the exhibit by Yann. This is from the Southern Philippines' fishing village.

I saw about three pictures of the Philippines and about four of Australia.

Bondi beach circa November 2007. Dark spots on the lower left hand side are just seaweeds and not garbage. My photographic record of Bondi in 2007, hope it stays beautiful for future generations!

Yann is a French photographer. According to an article in one of the many websites about the Earth From Above exhibits:

"Yann’s aim for the Earth from Above project was to create a record of the world’s environment as a benchmark for future generations. By presenting these 120 emotive images in a free public forum, Yann invites us on a journey to experience a unique view of the earth’s natural beauty, but also our assault on the environment. With these images, he encourages us all to consider the impact of our footprint on the earth’s surface, and the role we all have to play in the preserving the future of planet earth."

“The more conscious one is of the issues at stake, the more interest one takes in our planet, the greater the desire to actively engage in change for the better.”

- Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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