Monday, 29 June 2009

My lucky numbers...

These are my lucky numbers that should win me that much coveted and record breaking prize in the local OZ Lottery history: AU$90,000,000 first prize. Yup, that's seven zeroes and I got one chance in 45,000,000!

Hey, you're telling me that money can't buy happiness, love or health. You're right. But it can buy me that much needed freedom to travel and see the world without the much "dreaded" nine to five job [which I do love, in case my boss is reading this!]. It is great to be employed during these hard times but one needs to dream as well of being financially independent and not constrained by a job that one needs to show up five days a week.

Money and millions of it, did not do any good to the likes of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, who both sadly passed away recently due to ill health. Like most things in this world, money [and fame] is a double edged sword... as a Jehovah's Witness phamplet left at my door says, "Does money rules over us?" and not the other way around as it should? Do we forget that money is just a means to a "better" quality of life? Another set of "tools" to leave a better legacy if used properly, to make people discover their best amidsts this material world?

Whatever it is, I will still buy that share of the Oz Lotto dream. Dream and hope what makes us people, or so I philosophize!

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