Thursday, 28 March 2013

#Ironworks, tatts and getting old...

On the way from work this week; as I was standing & reading my copy of mX, I was asked by a woman if I wanted to sit. Being a bit of a 'macho' and not wanting to take her seat [as I noticed that she was sound asleep on most part of the way...]. I was tempted to ask her whether  I look old or feeble to warrant such kindness; but obviously I didn't to avoid embarrasment - mostly on my part, I don't think I want to know the answer. I think, as a middle-age person that I look fit than most since I walk a lot taking photos [as an excuse]. From time to time, I take public transport - one, to avoid the traffic jams;  two, to people watch & take more photos - mostly for Instagram and three, to avoid contributing to the pollution & at the same time save a bit of money by commuting.

Today, one of the students saw me on my computer browsing my Tumblr #ironworks. There were a couple of tattoos on the hashtag & the student commented whether I was looking for a design & update my tatts. he proudly showed me his tatts & his recent addition - his family crest. I said I was too old for tatts of any kind but he, being a young 'tattooed person' - meaning open & more accepting of quirky stuff, said that no one is too old to have one or two. Nowadays, tattoos are no longer the domain of artsy people nor of criminal & gang members... 'alternative' lifestylists & real artists [including hipsters!] sadly lamented the fact.

It's funny how we perceive ourselves; our looks, how we aged or how we project ourselves in public as well as in various social media. Also our pre-occupation in being young, looking younger, acting younger. The problem with being young is the absence of experience & important life experience! As george Bernard Shaw said that 'Youth is wasted on the young'. Now I finally fully understood what he meant!

As I just heard on the radio this morning from one listener who is celebrating her birthday today: 'Today will be the youngest I will ever be in my whole life!' Carpe Diem I say! Maybe one of these days I will get a tattoo when I am good and ready... talking about that second mid life crisis! Just waiting & needing that excuse!

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