Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Exiled in Sydney: MB20 April 2008

Photo courtesy of MB20 USB wristband email.

One of my favorite bands is in town. Managed to get a couple of tickets last Friday, 18 April and watched their performance and listened to their phenomenal music at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

The band, Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, Brian Yale and Kyle Cook. (Bilde: Publicity photo)

Matchbox Twenty is one of these "alternative pop rock" bands (if one can call them that, sorry guys for the "label"!), that sing songs that makes sense and at times so emotional and connects with you as a fan and an audience.

For music lovers, you know the experience when a particular song either "grabs" you by the tune or lyrics or both. You then associate it - the song - with a particular experience, phase in your life, or emotion at that particular instance. So whenever you hear The Song, it bring back the memories. I guess much like "comfort foods".

Call me melodramatic, but since I heard them on the radio and got their "yourself or someone like you" album nine years ago (as a gift from my daughter!); I instantly fell in love with the music that Rob Thomas and his band were making.

Above photo, (not mine again, as it is so hard to get a decent picture with a point and shoot digicam while engrossed listening to the music and watching the performance!) is what the concert look like. The technical bits can be compared to when you're playing music in your Windows Media Player with the visualizations turned on.

Martin rigged the lights, and where I downloaded above photo. Some technical details are on their website (click here if you are that interested).

While Benoit Richard aka BenRichards of Millennium Lighting Design, Inc. was the Lighting Designer, Programmer and Video Designer for the tour.

Just downloaded the performance on MP3 format (no videos ;( , am just waiting for my MB20 USB wristband (try searching MB20 on Youtube!).

Yes I know, I know... if you are not a fan, you say what the hell. But you think I am a big fan? When I was trying (I did not brought my receipt with me, email said just bring an ID) to collect my USB band, while waiting in the queue; I had a chat with another couple. They just saw the concert the night before and they were seeing MB20 again and had most of the tickets for their Australian gigs! Now that borders on stalking!

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