Wednesday, 23 April 2008

On the Way to Gerry: Our Refloxologist

Look at that sunset!

Since I was driving, I requested my wife to take the photo. We were on the way to our reflexologist, Gerry at his clinic at St Clair.

I was looking forward to have my feet "massaged" by Gerry, but alas I was not in his schedule. Miscommunication with my better half and him, and I was left out hanging.

If not for this sunset, it would be a somewhat dissapointing drive.

I made sure I am scheduled for next time, as Gerry is so busy with patients who needs his golden touch. Reflexology works!

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JayAshKal said...

Postscript: On a return visit a month later, I managed to get that much needed and much desired foot massage (and the "knuckles" that goes with it! Ouch... aray!).