Thursday, 17 July 2008

WYD 08: Super Thursday - "Beyond Description"

"The Icon" Photo courtesy of Rieka.

Today is what has been dubbed as Super Thursday of the Sydney World Youth Day (actually a misnomer since it is more closer to a week rather than a "day") 2008.

This reminds of a childhood friend, Recy; who wrote a while back. She said:

"I just visited your page ( and thought of sharing photos that my daughter Rieka took during the Journey of the Cross and Icon (WYD 08) from the 8th to 9th of April in the Liverpool area.

The Cross and Icon were brought to Freeman Catholic College in Bonnyrigg Heights and stayed in John The Baptist Catholic Church for the overnight vigil. This event was attended by hundreds of people including students, teachers, local parishioners, members of different communities and people from nearby and outer suburbs.

It was a night to remember. It was raining and very cold, there was a lot of people including myself, eagerly waiting. Songs were sung by talented students from different schools while waiting for the cross. And then the cross and the icon arrived. After a few minutes of arrangements, we had our turns in venerating. The feelings were beyond description.... "



"Beyond description" is a phrase I heard and continue to hear again and again on TV and print media that tries to "describe" the spirituality, the experience, the euphoric, the excitement of WYD 08 participants. A lot of whom are young people "still" full of life, full of hope and idealism. Of faith.

Maybe some of us need to experience to believe... because IT is "beyond description"!

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