Wednesday, 6 August 2008

July Early Morning Fog

I’ve been driving through this stretch of road every morning. Passing by this park and always has this urge to stop and take photos. Just that I am always running late for work.

But this particular morning, 17 July; with the fog unusually thick and with the right light; I drove in the park and started shooting pictures. This is one of many shots I took.

The winter weather is a bit unusually cold lately. There were certain parts of western Sydney that experienced “snow”; which the weather bureau says is more hail than snow. But nevertheless the kids enjoyed making snowmen and snow ball fights.

Well, you’d think why is this guy talking about the weather? Has he nothing to say or have run out of topic to talk about? You know when people or your date makes small talk, especially about the weather; one finds it so boring (I guess that is why I need to post a picture with this article!).

But actually, if you think about it (really, really think about it – think harder!); the weather is so important to us all.

For example it dictates the fashion or what clothes we wear, unless you are from the UK and thinks that Australian winter is YOUR summer!

Then there is the drought that Australia is experiencing, at one stage our dams registered less than 50% of capacity. Water restrictions were in place, no watering of lawns and gardens; and washing the cars (which is always a good excuse to run to the nearest car wash).

The weather also dictates our activities, especially during the weekend. Obviously it is too cold to go out and swim in our beaches. Or even have a barbeque in the park or play golf in the early morning (I don’t care how a golf addict you are, it is still very cold!).

So in a sense, the weather plays a very important part on our daily lives, hence this post and the picture to go with it!

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