Sunday, 31 August 2008


Finally winter 2008 is officially over in a couple of minutes, at least here in the land of Oz.

End of putting on more weight, of feeling like a grizzly bear into hibernation, of winter cold nights... get the picture?

One of these days I'll learn how to snow ski and maybe I'll learn to love winter season more. What sparked this "yearning" is a TV travel show up in the Canadian mountains, wherein skiers are flown up by helicopter and ski down the "virgin snow fields". Looks easy enought and fun. Hell no... they call it heli (or was it hell) skiing.

I know it ain't so.. past winter trip to the snow proves otherwise. I tried putting on those blasted snow skis and balancing on the way down (I ended on the tobogan trail with the other kids...). It does not work (at least for me!).. . while this five year old kid beside me makes it so easy! Damn you snow skis... I will have my revenge one of these days. And I will go hell or heli skiing...

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