Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Looking for Czarina Africano

What is it with people looking and wanting to reconnect with their past?

Some I think find long lost youth by reconnecting with their old crushes and girlfriends (or for some, boyfriends or partners). Some middle age people love to go to their high school reunions to touch base with old friends and acquaintances; people which somehow reminds them of the “good old days”; the age of innocence - carefree and without any hint of responsibility.

I guess there is nothing wrong with that. In dotted age, the need to look back and reminisce the joyful days of youth is a human need, at times fuelled by romantic notions; at times, just fuelled by curiosity and the need for some sort of closure (as some psychiatrists would suggest!).

The subject came up and was triggered by various things. There was this new Aussie TV show (Find My Family - another reality show!) that reunites long lost family. Then there was this pbase site that a friend forwarded to me; and saw an album dedicated to a school reunion. Of course there was this old memory of mine that reminded me of an old school crush way back in elementary school. Her name is Czarina.

She was a special person, a really special person. Back then, she has this speech impediment; hence she has to go to the speech therapist in the school counsellor’s office. Every time she passes by us guys doing our gardening, I can’t help but admire her tenacity. Although she does not look tough, she has this regal bearing; head always held up with her bobby bangs… thin and morena; as compared to her close friend’s Marilou’s mestiza complexion.

I am just wondering what happened to her, and the countless year five classmates of mine; Edgar, Abelardo, Henry, Marilou. Unfortunately, we have to move to another city and I have to transfer to another school and that was that.

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