Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My Craving for Bibingka

Bibingka, for those who don’t know; is a Philippine rice cake traditionally baked in a special way or special oven wherein the hot coals are on top of the tray covering.
This is a regional dish and is very close to a Goan dessert called bebinca. I would not be surprised if they share the same origin; considering that Goa use to be a Portuguese colony and the Philippines, a Spanish one.

Anyway, I had this craving for some and I saw this ready mix bibingka mix in the pantry. Yes I was cheating, I was craving remember!

Mix, mix and off to the oven for 10 minutes, topped off with cheddar cheese and another five minutes under the grill. Presto, it looks, smells and taste like the real thing!

Ok, I am lying. It was a bit dry, I forgot to sprinkle some brown sugar on top and because I don’t like grated coconut on top, I forego with it. It doesn’t taste the same as you would get from the local specialty shops. But it did somehow satisfy my cravings. Next time I will see if I can do better, or better yet find a local bakery or shop that sells the damn thing.


tutubi said...

i still prefer the galapong variety f bibingka...

JayAshKal said...

Definitely Tutubi. I remember (when I younger!), I use to grind glutinous rice soak overnight with that stone grinder. Good exercise.
Nowadays, you can buy glutinous rice flour!

I love to cook one of these bibingka in that original bibingka mini ovens that you see in the olden days, especially Christmas times. My favorites are the ones made in Laguna and Cavite.

Thanks for dropping by Tutubi.