Saturday, 13 September 2008

Cheap Thrills

"It has been said that the secret to success comes from the small things that hold it all together."
Brooksfield is neither a poet nor a philosopher. It’s a brand name of business shirt.

As one gets older simple pleasures in life tend to be magnified, such as buying a business shirt.

With so many clothes cluttering our wardrobes that one could not tell where that favourite shirt or top is, I vowed not to buy anymore clothes. But like Imelda and shoes, I could not pass this well-made shirt. It is not expensive compared to the other shirts in the store, but the style, colour and attention to detail sold me.

As I was examining the shirt and admiring the fit, I saw this small tag in one of the buttons with the above blurb that says it all. That is money well spent; and what a simple pleasure that made shopping well worth it!

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