Thursday, 11 September 2008

Happy Father's Day to me

Aiyee is eyeing my litre of Lowenbrau original! Toast to you on this day.

And to my Dad whom I texted as well (if you are reading this check your phone!)

I don't know about in your neck of the woods, but last Sunday (7 September) it was Father's Day here in Oz. The good thing: food, beer and presents, and of course family gathering.

Rea and Charles sharing the pork crackling. How sweet!

We (my son-in-law, Charles, his Dad, Erwin "Kungkung", his bro Ferdy and bro-in-law) were treated out to a German resto out in Parramatta called the "Bavarian Bier Cafe". It may not be totally "German" as such, whether it is Bavarian or regional German cuisine is close enough. They have beer by the litres and pork and sausages... just missing the big bosom ladies that serve in those Oktober festivals!

Above is my huge "crackling roast pork belly" with sauteed potatoes, Granny Smith apple compote (too little serving!) and what looks like red cabbage and sebago mash. It is huge that I could not finish the damn thing. I did not even bother to order starters... what is the point? But they do serve Bavarian pretzels while you wait.

I love you Mummy....

Can you buy me beer now?

As I was taking these pictures, I quipped to the bar staff, "Funny now but not when he turns 18!"

(I must be still groggy... this post should have been for my other blog "On the Way to Honey", am just too lazy to transfer it over. Anyway, enjoy!)


Senor Enrique said...

Was it Father's Day down under?

Happy Father's Day, Mario!

JayAshKal said...

Yes it is Eric. We are one of the few countries that celebrate it on a different day.