Friday, 21 November 2008

Le Reve at Wynn

This is one of the very few (a couple at most) pictures I took before this show started: Le Reve or The Dream. The show was one of the best I've seen ever, see a youtube snippet here - obviously this low resolution version does not do justice to the whole production. I was not game enought to contravene the usual directive of "no photography or video" rule, as this will also take away the experience of being in a "series of imperfect dreams".

We paid half price as you can get tickets at half price of the normal retail amount from various outlets (we got ours from my nephew who is a US military retiree). The seats were the best as the theatre was arranged, as you can see from above picture; in a circular pattern. The higher I guess the better as you can see better the production from that vantage point.

How can I explain the experience? Like a dream - It is so theatrical with hints of magic, dancing, acrobatics, synchronised swimming, etc. - much like the genre that Cirque du Soleil pioneered. Obviously with Franco Dragone one of the creators of Cirque, hence the "Cirque-ness" production similarities.

"Le Reve was created by internationally acclaimed director Franco Dragone and you will noticed the similarities to a few other shows in Las Vegas. (Celine Dion’s A New Day, 'O', Mystere), Le Reve, takes place in the spectacular aquatic in-the-round dome theater conceptualized by Dragone and it gives you a sense of feeling involved in the show. You will feel as if you are in fact a part of the show instead of the show happening in front of you." 1

According to Dragone: "My aim with Le Reve is to create an entirely new universe, to transport everyone into a world where the theater, performance and audience become one and the same reality." 2

If we had enough time (and money!) in Vegas, we would have seen more shows in this genre plus the usual Vegas revues and less time on the poker machines!

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