Saturday, 22 November 2008


"The MGM Grand Las Vegas is a hotel casino located on the Las Vegas Strip, which opened as a Hollywood themed resort. The MGM Grand Las Vegas is the second largest hotel in the world and second largest hotel resport complex in the United States behind The Venetian[1][2]

Originally, the main entrance on the Strip was inside the mouth of a giant cartoon-like version of MGM's mascot, Leo the Lion, but this entrance feature was changed to a more traditional entrance; many Chinese gamblers avoided the casino or entered through the back entrance, due to the feng shui belief that entering the mouth of the lion was "bad luck." [8] In 1998, a large bronze statue of Leo was added above the entrance to keep with the MGM Lion theme, while not scaring away their more superstitious guests. The statue weighs 50 tons, and at 45 feet (14 m) tall, on a 25-foot pedestal, is the largest bronze statue in the U.S. [4] (Source wiki)"

Above is a detailed photo of one of the numerous statues in front of the MGM Grand. Pictures taken hand held [no tripod], no flash, just cropped to show more details.


Sidney said...

Impressive...they must earn a lot of money !

JayAshKal said...

I guess they do earn tons of money with the very impressive casinos they have. Las Vegas alone might be able to solve world hunger!