Friday, 2 January 2009

Albula vulpes

Albula vulpes aka Banana or bone fish [I know picture above is not a banana fish but my pet fish. That is the closest I could find of an orig photo without renting a scuba gear or reeling one.]

I am alive! I learned something new again today, and I am of those curious fellows that just need to know. That is what makes me feel alive and kicking.

Franco Dragone, in his “word from the director” [of Cirque Du Soleil’s production of “O”] says:

“Since the beginning of time, there have been hallowed places where people gather to explain the universe. For me, the theatre is just such a place: sacred, magnificent and essential.”

I guess for me, one of such places is the net. Not sacred as such but magnificent and essential; full of curious things, knowledge, wonderment, etc. It enables me to share my experiences, thoughts and passion for recording images [whether they are great or not is another thing!]. For putting what I think into words and especially to share my existence with friends and families [and the odd visitor]. My joys – sorrows, I try to omit as there are plenty of it out there.

The net enables me to discover new movies that I might like to watch, music that might be good to listen to, food to eat, books to read, advocacies worth belonging to: bits and pieces that makes life worth living.

I guess [I am always guessing!] a new year brings all these aspirations to mind. While I don’t make predictions nor about to start to stick to a new year resolution, I like to ponder about life and everything – sometimes serious at most times in an irreverent way. Life is too short to be too serious anyway.

So what brought on this “epiphany”, maybe because I have too much time on my hands [I am on holidays] or maybe because I am turning 51, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I rediscovered JD Salinger via Kala, hence the title of this post; that I managed to come across a little known tribal band, Kadangyan via Shrek aka as Palma Tayona. That prompted me to order some books about the Ibaloi at Amazon, if only more information can be had regarding these old time head hunters.

I am now listening to my new CD of APO [not just an ordinary copy, but an autographed copy, handed to me by no less than Jim Paredes - err after I paid him for four copies!] and reading a July 2008 copy of Australian Photography [God knows I need more tips and to practice taking shots!].

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