Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Drive by shooting

It's been raining lately... I guess good for the garden as well as raising the water dam a few more inches but bad for taking pictures. I did managed to get out last Saturday early morning to get a couple of shots along a stretch of road I drive by every morning to work.

There are times, when I pass by this road that the light is just perfect, the clouds and the sun rising without that harsh tint. But on the rush to get to work and the cars whizzing by, I just can't stop and shoot, can I?

Sometimes I do this "drive by" shooting but most of the time the results are not good. It does not even capture "the moment" if there is one! All those beautiful images filed in my brain's subconcious... too bad I can't share them with you. Not only I can't take photos that well, I can't write that well to describe them to you in detail.

I guess I need to take more pictures [practice makes perfect, right?] and stop making excuses.
I am watching a TV show, discussing what body parts we can do without:
Coccyx - they reckon that is our tail bone when we were crawling on all fours.

Appendix - not the index or anything referring to books but the vermiform one, a small sack connected to our colon. It was said that when we were munching grass, it helps to digest them; but when we became meat eaters the function was no longer required.

Wisdom teeth - just extra teeth that we don't need and for some, might require removal.

and the men's nipples - you guess right, we don't lactate but why the nipples; maybe so we can put nipple rings on them!

I though you might be interested - otherwise continue your bloghopping or whatever you're doing.


the donG said...

yes. practice makes perfect. just shoot! youll learn from there.

JayAshKal said...

Thanks for the tip.

Sidney said...

Your pictures are nice ! No need to be harsh on yourself.

JayAshKal said...

Thanks Sidney. Just couldn't help comparing myself with so many around on the net. I guess this gives me the motivation to be better.

Have you heard anything from Eric [aka Senor Enrique?] - Still on hiatus?