Monday, 11 May 2009

Sunday is much better...

I hope everyone had a good weekend - especially for those who celebrated Mother's Day with their loved ones.

With the financial crisis, newspapers [and internet sites] are awashed with what we should give to our mothers as gifts. For me, the best one is to spent some time with my mother [and relatives and friends, an excellent excuse to party and socialize] and treat the day as a special way to connect with her.

Admittedly, I don't have any material gift to my mom. It is a bit difficult to buy her something at age nearing 90! I know she still loves to read books, so maybe a couple of "choice" books would be more than appropriate and much appreciated.

Photo above right is one of flowers from an unnamed plant given as a gift. I find that very popular nowadays to give living plants or flowering plants [on a real pot!]. It is so practical as it won't wilt in a couple of days and with care, can be enjoyed years and years... now that is a good idea.

I guess that is why I didn't give mum a gift this Mother's day, the potted plant I gave her a few years back is still alive and well and keeps flowering. I know I am a cheapskate... but I do love her to death and I am not saying that because it is Mother's day.

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