Saturday, 2 May 2009

Samson and Delilah (2009)

Forget Baz Luhrmann's epic "Australia" and watch for this film by Warwick Thornton - I will.

That is the sad part. We want more "indie" films but at times we don't want to support them by watching or buying [as opposed to downloading on the net for free] the DVD. But there are some independent films [or "art films"] that are not available on DVDs - or due to the low demand makes the DVDs too expensive. I would like to see these films distributed on DVD like most commercial films, and I am sure a lot of people will be buying them. I could be wrong but if pirated movies can be had, I am sure an indie film can be mass produced and made availbale online stores.

Anyway, I'll watch out for the screening of Samson and Delilah this May 7.

If you can't wait, see review here by Matt Ravier and the filmography here by IMDb.

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