Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BB revolution: a remnant message on a hand-me-down phone

" Steps to the train station platform." Nokia E65

"Fellow BB users... I have seen the light and want to bathe in its goodness...

I said to myself today "I can be in the dark no longer for the shadows that hung over the analogue vs 5110 days will surely come to pass again.

I can no longer stand and wait for the other boys to tell me what the live footy scores are on the weekend, I can no longer bare not seeing these scandalous photos of Charles ala Lindsay Lohan self-shots..."

I look at my phone on each of these occasion and the only words I can muster is an incoherent babble "What is this, this what? I can not jiggy with this sh1t!!"

So like a faithful adolescent suicide bomber, I come to join the revolution!

Kind regards,


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