Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sydney Night Life

Kayna and John

Been reading my daily dose of MX... a free paper popular with train citizens...

"Night antics caught on camera by photo collective Hobo Gestapo, a group of friends dedicated to taking snaps of Sydney after dark. And the concept has now gone global"

Carlito said "It started as just a few of us running around Sydney and photographing nightlife and concerts and now it's become a complete documentary chronicle of Sydney."

The collective has expanded to other cities, and there are nine photographers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris and New York. "All of our photographers know each other in some way, they're all friends of friends of friends," adds the 25 year old Carlito.

All photos are uploaded as a series on their website: "We like people being able to access our work and it fits in with our belief with copyright... We want people to be able to use our work for free."

Also see Wrigley's website:

Some words/info quoted from MX article by Henry Budd. The photo is mine.


Lawstude said...

cute couple. have a nice day.

JayAshKal said...

Thanks Lawstude... maybe you and donG can start a similar project there in Manila.