Thursday, 30 July 2009

FB, lifestyle and dementia

A little bit of a background/intro, a high school friend sent these 20 tips to do to add to brain health [I don't know why to us her high school batchmates - maybe because we graduated 35 years ago?]; and below are my responses:

I guess I do almost half of these on Facebook... bwahahahaaa.... Thanks Neng!

Seriously, being on email and FB gives me more opportunities to socialize more [albeit online or virtually], especially with friends and acquaintances that are overseas and interstate.

1. Join clubs - FB is sort of a Club, isn't it? Plus I got plenty of Yahoo Groups...

2. Have a hobby or two - FB and blogging, and the occasional photography.

3. Practice writing - Try typing updates/comments using your non-dominant hand/fingers using a teeny tiny cell/mobile phone keypad!

4. Take dance lessons - Ok, I am watching "Dance your Ass Off" and "Dancing with the Stars"; does that count? Plus, on our new TFC: ASAP and Wowowee...

5. Gardening - Well...errr... I think I do that when I take snaps of flowers, leaves... etc.???

6. Walking daily - I definitely do that - from the house to my car and from the car to my work building... ohhh... plus I do walk to the shops to buy my morning coffee AND back! Seriously I do take the stairs but I guess that is not enough.

7. Read and write daily - Need I say more? FB and emails.... surely these counts!

8. Start knitting - Ok, I am stumped... this suggest using both hands to work out both sides of the brain... would typing on normal keyboards AS WELL as typing on those tiny cell/mobile keypads count?

9. Learn a new language - Ok... no sweat... sms/txt talk is a new language. Plus I got this FB buddy [Jovit, you know this is you! Thanks bud, got me going again with my Spanish!] who usually post in Spanish and sometimes in Latin [I kid you not, just add me to your FB and I'll show you! Nosebleed daw.]. And plus those who post/update one another in various Pinoy dialects.

10. Play board games - Ok, I still refuses to accept invite to play Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Mind Jolt, etc. Maybe I should eh? But I do play Spider Solitaire, two suits!

11. Take classes throughout your lifetime - Blog hopping, email forwards, FB updates - if those aren't real life classes, what is? Not to mention Googling and Wiki looky...

12. Listen to classical [and other] music - I got MP3 but not iPod, but my radio is blaring the whole day, tuned to my fav radio station.

13. Learn a musical instrument - Ok, now I need to look for an app online for my hand-me-down Nokia E71, failing that I need to upgrade to an iPhone!

14. Travel - Now, we are talking. I love to travel - most of the time in this virtual world of TV, books and other reading materials and on the net. Occasionally I do get to travel for REAL. I know, a trip to the grocery and mall doesn't count! BUT it could and should; doesn't it?

15. Pray - Ok... mmmm... I think I've done quite a few - especially those who doesn't add me on FB or leave comments on my blog. Plus that difficult photo shots that I really wanted.

16. Learn to meditate - aum...aum... seriously I need to take some time off blogging, FB, emailing, TV, etc. Maybe a quiet time somewhere... communing with nature - with my camera perhaps.

17. Get enough sleep - Now, there's a problem... I am getting old and am wanting to prolong my time by not sleeping!

18. Eat more foods with Omega-3 - Ok, food I love... no problem there.

19. Eat more fruits and vegetables - More food, again no problem with that. Does a schooner of beer counts? Or a glass of wine? They are made from fruit and vegetables you know!

20. Finally - Eat at least one meal a day with family and friends. With a big family and friends, that is not a problem. Actually I am doing that for the last couple of weeks, almost every week there's a birthday in the family, invite from friends and acquiantances for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. even wakes! Again food is not a problem with me, much less eating and enjoying the company of friends and relatives - why do you think I am on FB and Geni?


Lawstude said...

Thanks for the health info. Health is wealth really. FB? I am hooked on their Farm Town and Barn Buddy apps. Lol.

JayAshKal said...

You are welcome Lawstude... FB addict ka din pala.

Did you click on "20 tips" on the first paragraph? Yun ang talagang 20 tips... this post is just my response to that.

Thanks for dropping by...

the donG said...

hahaha... FB is sensational. though i use less its many applications like games, still i believe it's the best social networking site today.

JayAshKal said...

Yeah donG, out of the many social networking sites/tools, FB is my favourite.