Sunday, 26 July 2009

"Everybody's a photographer these days..."

Samsung F480 mobile phone camera: F/2.83 - brightness -30, contrast +40.

"How often have you heard that lately?

It's a digital age for a digital page.

Log on; blog on; its dog eat dog on -this planet of photography. [Which doesn't have to!]

If it's so available, so common, and apparently so easy, does that mean everyone can be good at it?
Do good tools make good work, or is it the eye behind the mind that is really speaking through the picture in front of us?
What are you saying?
Did you say it first?
Are you saying what someone else said before in a new and refined way?
Are you saying the same old shit as everyone else?
Are you saying nothing, just watching the wheels go around and around?

When you go to places that no one has seen, it opens your eyes.
When you open your eyes to places that people always go, you see a place that is always there but its new again.
When you stare at your computer all day - what does it really do for you?

Get out of your house and go on an adventure.
Shoot film.
Shoot digital.
Shoot yourself.
Shoot something.

[This magazine is printed on PAPER.]

Hopefully it inspires you to take and make some photos of your own."

Words: Mike O'Meally, p12 [Sorry Mike I have to steal these words... so true and so apt!]


Lawstude said...

in one way or the other, everyone has an eye for beauty and therefore has a photographer in them. take care.

JayAshKal said...

Definitely! I think what makes it wonderful is if that image is shared... like you guys do!